When you subscribe to Zyte, 1 Scrapy Cloud unit is given for free. This free unit has features such as data retention for 7 days and a run time limit for job.

When you buy 1 Scrapy Cloud unit, you move from 1 free Scrapy Cloud unit to 1 paid Scrapy Cloud unit. Upgrading to a paid Scrapy Cloud unit will have added benefits listed below:

  • 120 days of data retention.
  • No run time limit for your jobs
  • Private support through our ticketing system
  • Ability to deploy custom Docker Images to Scrapy Cloud

Even though you added a paid Scrapy Cloud unit, you will only see 1 Scrapy Cloud unit in the Dashboard because it overrides the free unit. If you would look to have more concurrent crawls or extra RAM, you would need to buy more Scrapy Cloud units. 

To know about the Scrapy Cloud units please refer to What is a Scrapy Cloud Unit?