1. Getting started with web scraping using Scrapy

Learn the basics of how to extract data from a web page using your browser developer tools and Scrapy Shell.

2. Creating your first Scrapy spider

Learn how to create a Scrapy spider using the selectors seen in the previous video.

3. Scraping multiple items from a page

Learn how to extract many items from a single page. This is a very common pattern that applies to e-commerces, forums, etc.

4. Following pagination links with Scrapy

Learn how to build a spider with the ability to jump from one page to another.

5. Scraping details pages from listingsĀ 

Learn how to scrape websites that are structured similarly to e-commerces, where there are lists of products and then we have to visit each product page to get the data we need.

6. Scraping infinite scrolling pages

Learn how to find and use underlying APIs that power AJAX-based infinite scrolling mechanisms in web pages.

7. Submitting forms in your Scrapy spiders

Learn how to scrape pages where your spider has to submit POST requests, such as login forms.

8. Run your Scrapy spiders in the cloud

Learn how to deploy and run your spiders on Scrapy Cloud.

You can also watch these videos in the Learn Scrapy playlist in our Youtube channel.