In Scrapy Cloud, you can watch projects, spiders or jobs to get notified when important events happen around them. For example, you can get a notification when your jobs finish, or when someone adds a comment on an item.

To start watching a project, spider or job, go to its page on Scrapy Cloud and click the Watch button in the top right section:

If you watch a project, you will get notified about any event that happens on any of its spiders or jobs. If you watch a spider, you will get notified of any event happening on its jobs.

To access notifications (new and seen) go to the Notifications link in the top bar. When you have unseen notifications, you will see a number highlighted next to it:

When you click on Notifications, you will see a list of notifications grouped per Project:

Click on the check mark to mark them as read (ether the whole project or specific events). You will also receive an email with the notifications.

To manage your notifications, go to Account Settings (top left corner) → Notifications, or click the bell icon and visit Manage your subscriptions link from the left sidebar.