⚠ Scrapy Cloud Addons are only supported for projects deployed with one of the Scrapy Cloud Stacks. Addons are not supported for Custom Docker Images, even if they are based on the Scrapy Cloud Stacks.

Scrapy Cloud Addons allow extending Scrapy spiders capabilities and configure them easily from Zyte. Each addon provides a particular feature. There are two flavors of addons: builtin addons and user addons. Builtin addons are always enabled and cannot be disabled by users.

Addons are very popular among Portia users as a way of obtaining additional functionality without writing any code. Scrapy users often tend to write the extensions themselves. In fact, addons are no more than a fancy UI to configure Scrapy extensions.

To put an addon to use, you have to:

  1. Add it to your project, by going to Addons in the left sidebar of your Scrapy Cloud project
  2. Enable it. Some addons are enabled automatically when added, while others require configuring (e.g. editing ADDON_ENABLED  setting). It should be clear from the addon page in the dashboard which case it is.

You can also enable addons per spider, instead of project-wide: select the spider in Spiders section, click Settings tab (next to Details), click + button in the corresponding addon field to add a new entry and choose ADDON_ENABLED from the list of options.

For more information on addons, check the Addons section of the Scrapy Cloud Help Center.