The way the access rights are given are from top to bottom, meaning that a user added as a member of the organization will be able to access all the projects under that organization.

However, users being added to a specific project, without being added to the organization, will still be able to log into the organization, but they will only be able to see the project they have been assigned on.

How to manage members of your organization

To add a user to the whole organization, you should click on "Settings" on the left panel of your dashboard, so that you can access the organization settings. 

Then click on "Members" which is where the members of your organization are managed.

This will present you with a list of the members of your organization. If you would like a user to have access to all the projects in your organization, you can add them from the button at the top:

And if you would like to prevent a user to have the possibility to access every project you have, you can remove his/her name from the list below:

If you want to add someone who does not yet have a Zyte account, you can send them an invitation to create an account and join your organization

By default, the user who creates an organization will have "Owner" status. Only an "Owner" can give other members "Owner" status. Giving "Owner" status to a member will give the users additional access to the Billing & Subscriptions sections of your organization.

How to manage members of your project(s)

If you would like to have a user only have access to a specific project, you will have to open the project you would like to add the user to, and on the left side of the project’s dashboard click on Members.

This will open a page where you will have the possibility to add a Member to this specific project, or invite a member via email should that be necessary.

Users being added to a project, will have access to that project only. They may be added to as many projects as needed.

You may grant "Admin" access to members of a project. This will allow them to edit "Project Settings" and to Delete the project. "Owners" of an organization have by default "Admin" access to all projects under that organization