This article will explain to you how to set up your account on Zyte's support system. Once you have successfully setup your account, it will serve you as a single point of access to all of your support tickets whenever you need our assistance.

A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Signing Up

  • You should have an invitation email in your inbox by now. The first step after getting that invitation email is to “Sign up”. This button/link will be available in the email.

Step 2: Creating a new account

  • The “Sign up” button will take you to a new window where a new account should be created.
  • Please fill in your name, last name/surname, email and a new password of your choice
  • Click the checkbox for Terms of Service, Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

  • Click the checkbox for Updated On Products, News, Events & Offers (optional)

  • Click the 'Signup with email' button

Step 3: Confirming your new account

  • Once you have completed the sign up process in Step 2, you need to confirm your account before you sign in.
  • Please check your inbox for a confirmation email and click the 'Confirm email address' button

Step 4: Signing in and start using the support system

  • Once you have confirmed your email in Step 3, you can then sign in to your account and start using the support system to create, view and manage your support request tickets.

Please Note: It is important to select the Product field as 'Data Maintenance' in the ticket creation form above. If you choose other options, your ticket may get assigned to the wrong team resulting in a delay of the resolution.