AutoExtract is a solution to help you easily extract web data. Alongside our AutoExtract API, now we have an easy to use interface that allows you to get up and running without writing code, just enter a domain URL and get the data back without effort. 

How do I activate my account?

  • If you already have an account with Zyte, all you need to do is to provide us with an Organisation ID, and we will enable the new functionality for you.

  • If you are new to Zyte, we will send you a link to sign up to our platform, once you have signed up please send back your Org id - it will automatically be generated.

This can be sent back via email to Your Org Id will reside in the URL once you have signed up to the platform. Example below:

How long will I have access to the Beta?

The beta starts on November 26th, 2020, for 30 days. It is at Zyte discretion to extend the Beta beyond the 30 days if needed

Will I get charged to use AutoExtract Beta?

Absolutely not :) It’s free to use for 1 month.  In return, we’d like you to provide the much needed feedback to help us test out new directions and identify bugs. We’ll also be looking to conduct some interviews and usability testing with our early users, for your time we are offering those we interview a $100 Amazon gift card.

Why should I participate in the Beta?

Gain an insight into the new features and technologies of Zyte products. This is your chance to make AutoExtract serve the needs of your business by providing early feedback, catching bugs, sharing ideas and suggestions about the types of powerful features you want to see.

What are the benefits of AutoExtract for my business?

  • Reliable access to news and product data 

  • Smart automated crawling - get all the data from an entire site or category without configuration. Currently the  category crawling functionality  is available for the Product use case only.

  • x4 times more precise vs closest competitor 

  • Crawl multiple domains at once 

  • Extract millions of data requests per month [for beta testing requests will be capped at 500k, decided on a case by case basis]

  • Anti-ban capabilities built-in 

  • World-wide coverage supporting 40+ languages

Are there any limitations of the Beta use?

As part of the beta you can avail of submitting max of 500k requests. There is functionality  built into the backend of AutoExtract  to be polite when crawling websites and avoid misuse.

How do I get my data?

The data can be downloaded from the platform in both json and jsonlines format. You can also configure delivery to your own AWS S3 bucket prior to crawl. Data can also be viewed and analyzed on the items page of the dataset card. Coverage stats are also visible on the UI

How was AutoExtract improved?

Introducing multiple features that extend beyond the API functionality:

  • Brand new Crawling feature to extract structured data 

  • A new interface available to view your data and coverage statistics

  • Configure your datasets to run on a schedule of your choice

  • Realtime delivery to Amazon AWS S3

I’m an active AutoExtract customer, what happens with my account? 

If you have an active subscription with AutoExtract, it will still be active throughout the beta - for 30 days during your use of the Beta billing for your AutoExtract subscription will be put on hold. However, if you wish to keep your current subscription separate from the Beta programme, just let us know.

How much support will be provided during the Beta?

Support will be provided throughout the process to answer any questions you may have. If you need any assistance, please open a Support Ticket via Zyte Dashboard (Help -> Contact Support)  - please select “AutoExtract”. We’d love to receive your feedback, bug reports, feature requests, product comparisons, quotes, suggestions, and testimonials through the ticketing system also  or directly to

If the beta doesn't suit my needs, what can I do?

Zyte offers many solutions to suit your data needs from Data subscriptions, development tools and also professional services, please reach out to to discuss these options. You will also have the opportunity to open up a request with our Sales team via the platform to discuss additional requirements.

When will feature requests be addressed?

Please share your ideas and feedback. We value your opinion, we will assess feature requests and will use your feedback to inform our roadmap. We will stay in touch with you to let you know about our plans, and will let you know if your request has been prioritised.

What page types are supported?

This Beta release is aimed at testing out the Product and Article Extraction page types. Please note that the AutoExtract API does support more page types:

  • Product List Extraction

  • Product Review Extraction

  • Vehicle Extraction

  • Comment Extraction

  • Form Post Extraction

  • Job Posting Extraction

For more information please check out

Where can I find the existing API documentation? 

You can access the existing documentation here 

I’m already paying for AutoExtract, what’s in it for me?

If you’re already using AutoExtract  - we are happy to freeze your payment on usage for 30 days for the duration of the Beta trial. You will also get to experience additional functionality of an easy to use interface and smart automated crawling with built-in anti-ban capabilities to enhance your experience with AutoExtract.

What is expected from me after the beta phase?

Each Beta user will be expected to answer a short questionnaire during the beta program. We’d also like to interview some beta participants on their experience. Any reviews or feedback submitted can be used for marketing purposes, including being republished on our website.

Will I receive a reward for joining and completing a beta test?

Zyte may or may not offer an incentive as a reward depending on the Beta Program. For programs with incentives, a certain criteria must be met. Participants who we interview will be offered a $100 Amazon gift card.

What happens after the beta?

You will also have the Option to remain as a paying customer with our current AutoExtract billing model based on API Requests ($60 per 100k requests)

When is the official release date?

The official release is planned in Early Q1 2021