Restricting Zyte Smart Proxy Manager IPs to a specific region is possible in two ways: a region-specific API key or a special request header. The latter option provides more flexibility as a region can be selected on-the-fly per request.

Selecting a region with region-specific API keys

First, go to your Zyte Smart Proxy Manager(formerly Crawlera) Dashboard in Zyte, and click the Create Account button:

Next, under the Create New Smart Proxy Manager Account, select the regions from where you want to use the IPs, and create a new account:

Finally, find the API key for this new user in your project's Smart Proxy Manager Setup page:

Note: creating region-specific extra accounts doesn't entail additional charges.

Selecting a region with the header

Add "X-Crawlera-Region" to request headers, with a country code in ISO format as the header's value. For instance, to select a French IP, use it as "X-Crawlera-Region: FR" (or in lowercase, "X-Crawlera-Region: fr").

Note: this header is not available on legacy Crawlera plans (C10, C50, etc.)