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Using FEEDS and writing scraped data to more than one location

I have a bunch of spiders running on Scrapy Cloud on a periodic basis. I need to be able to write the scraped data to multiple locations. 

I am able to do so when I run the spiders on my local machine using the FEEDS variable that I set in custom settings:


{f"s3://systems_data/systems_sample_results_page/FILE1.jsonl": {"format": "jsonlines"},
      f"s3://systems_data/systems_historical_results/FILE2.jsonl": {"format": "jsonlines"}

 In Scrapy cloud, there is a custom setting for FEED_URI but not FEEDS. As far as I can tell, this only allows writing to one location.   

How do I write scraped data to multiple locations in Scrapy cloud?

Locally, I am using Mac OSx, Scrapy 2.9.0 Python 3.8.8

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