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Zyte API 401 error

I am on the free trial for the Zyte API. I am trying to use it with scrapy_zyte_api, however I get the error: [scrapy_zyte_api.handler] ERROR: Got Zyte API error (status=401, type='/auth/key-not-found') while processing URL ([URL]): The authentication key is not valid or can't be matched.

I know my key is being used because I see the message Using a Zyte API key starting with '[start of my API key]'

I didn't realize I needed a Zyte API specific API key, as my dashboard was not showing the zyte api section even though I was subscribed. I had to create a new account to get it to work.

I'm facing the same issue. I have an account and have given it the API key that is listed on the dashboard. What did you mean by "I had to create a new account to get it to work".

Found it.  Just make sure you are getting the api key from here.<your user id>/zyte-api/api-access

If you go through settings/profile/key you are getting wrong key.  Go to the Zyte API section and there is an item for "API access". The API key is there.

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