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Can Zyte be used to build organograms/ org charts via web scraping?


I work for Randstad Canada and my organization is looking to subscribe to a tool which can help in building organization charts by web scraping. Please note that my requirement is basically a tool which can automate the organogram building process by web scraping rather than having to manually feed in the data. Can you kindly let me know if this is something which is possible to get done with Zyte? If so, then I would definitely want to purchase the subscription plan right away. Since I am unable to send a direct email to the support team, I am posting my requirement here in the forum. Can someone kindly help me out with this? You can reach out to me on my email address which is

Thank you!

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Hi Farah, this is Sergey Geron, Business Analyst at Zyte.

Thank you for reaching out through our Forum. 

This is definitely something to consider

Could you please reach out to customer success managers here -

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