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This is a mess, none of the invites to my team members are going out and I cant email support

How can I pay for a product that doesnt work?  It feels like an evil catch-22.  I dont even know how to troubleshoot because it seems to be systemside.  

Hi Brandon,

I can assure you there's nothing evil going on. In your organization is see 3 members including you, are there more invites to be sent? There's currently nothing listed under invitations

Did you see any emails at all or did you get an error when clicking on Send?

I didnt imply evil, its just impossible to trust that the organization will support me as I scale up.  Neither person has recieved their invites.

Are these people already registered in

Invitations are only for users who do not yet have an account, for those that do there's the "add a member" option

These are your current members:

There's 2 more that haven't received an invite?

Im not following. None of my team have used you.  How do I get them on?

Are those 2 users from the screenshot not your teammates or is it another 2 that you need to add?

Its those two, but they arent getting invites.

They're already users at and both part of your organization, they don't need invites. That screenshot is from your organization members list:

That's why the "send an invitation" doesn't work. One of them has been a user since 2021.

My brother in christ, he is logged in under the email and he sees no options and no emails invites.  Im running out of time and avenues for resolving this.

Both of them should be able to access

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