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Scrapy Cloud Project missing from dashboard

Our production Scrapy Cloud Project has gone missing from our dashboard. We previously had two projects, "scrapers," and "scrapers-staging," but now only "scrapers-staging" remains.

We have not taken any action on our side to remove or hide the "scrapers" project. As best as we can tell, something has happened on Zyte's side to make our project disappear.

Please advise on how we can proceed to recover our project.

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We just investigated further, and it seems there are additional permissions issues. None of our team members now have admin access to our organization settings, only two team members have any access to the "scrapers-staging" project, and none have any access to the "scrapers" project (as mentioned in above post).

We previously had about a dozen members with access to the organization, "scrapers," and "scrapers-staging" projects.

Perhaps some change to permissions occurred with a recent Zyte release? Please advise how we can investigate further or resolve this issue. This is a production outage for us, and a very high priority.

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