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Can't deploy after many attempts, either requirement error or others

Newest message below, my boto3 version is 1.17.87 on my local machine, why the console tells me 1.18.20? Can I just put lib names in requirements.txt and don't specify version?

Step 3/3 : RUN chmod +x /kumo-entrypoint

 ---> Using cache

 ---> 630e5903b514

Successfully built 630e5903b514

Successfully tagged kumo-entrypoint:latest

Entrypoint container is created successfully

>>> Checking python dependencies

Collecting pip<20.0,>=9.0.3

  Downloading (1.4MB)

Installing collected packages: pip

Successfully installed pip-19.3.1

boto3 1.18.20 has requirement botocore<1.22.0,>=1.21.20, but you have botocore 1.5.8.

boto3 1.18.20 has requirement s3transfer<0.6.0,>=0.5.0, but you have s3transfer 0.1.10.

Warning: Pip checks failed, please fix the conflicts.

{"message": "Dependencies check exit code: 1", "details": "Pip checks failed, please fix the conflicts", "error": "requirements_error"}

{"status": "error", "message": "Requirements error"}

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