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Github Connect not working


I am working on two separate projects that work with ScrapingHub. I have GitHub authorized on my GitHub profile with access to both organizations. One of the projects is successfully connected but the other one just redirects to the main dashboard page whenever I click on Connect my account. Both emails I am using on ScrapingHub are validated emails on GitHub. 

Any ideas?



Hi again,

Sorry for the delay.

Whenever linking your org, you need to make sure that the API key that will be handed to our dashboard has access to both organizations:

My suggestion is that you try:

- Visit, disconnect your account

- Visit, and revoke the access for Scrapinghub

- Try connecting your account again, from inside your project's Code & Deploys section. Make sure both orgs are checked.

Hi Alex!

I can try to help you with this, but I'm not sure I understand the matter fully:

Correct me if I'm wrong:

- Your GitHub account has access to both organizations

- Your GitHub profile is authorized within your ScrapingHub account correctly

- You now have a second ScrapingHub account that you with to connect to that same GitHub account, on which the linking process is failing.

Is that right?


1. Correct

2. The ScrapingHub app is authorized on GitHub correctly and has access to both organizations I want to use ScrapingHub with

3. Yes

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