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Refund Question


On the website, it shows that my subscription will be cancelled on 8/31 2020.

However, I received the invoice today. Can I get the refund?



Thanks for getting in touch with us. I have checked your account and there were 2 subscriptions, 1 for Crawlera and other for AutoExtract. Autoextract is scheduled to be cancelled on 31-Aug. While Crawlera was converted from trial to active and hence charged. I guess you cancelled the subscription post the conversion, hence it is scheduled to end on 30-Sep. 

I am converting this topic to a ticket so that Finance team can assist you on this issue. 


When does the Finance team contact me? I hope I can get the refund.

I want to stop the Crawlera service. Can I stop this service right now instead of 30-Sep.

Please reply me as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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