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Supported Puppeteer functionality

Hi there

Could someone elaborate what Puppeteer functions work with the different pricing models?

As I understand it -without the "Sessions" available in the Advanced plan- automations like "click()" are not possible, since the request triggered by the click would not be done from the same IP. Correct?

So am I right that the only functionality that could be used is the one to take a "screenshot", as shown in the example?

That would make it pretty useless in our case.

When going for an advanced plan and using sessions, what would be the advantage over some other provider with "simpler" logic? 

As we would have to deal with the sessions and banned sessions ourselves, in that case. Feels like we would pay premium to get only a basic feature set.

Thanks a lot for your considerations and replies in advance. We are happy to be able to do the 2 weeks trial at the moment.

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