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Timeout error using with specific websites, tried everything


Im using ScrapingHub's Scrapy Cloud to host my python Scrapy Project.

The spider runs fine when I run locally, but on ScrapinHub, 3 specific websites (they are 3 E-commerce stores from the same group, using the same website mechanics) times out. Like this:

[scrapy.downloadermiddlewares.retry] Retrying <GET> (failed 1 times): User timeout caused connection failure: Getting took longer than 500 seconds..
 I had a similar problem with these websites using Google Apps Script (UrlFetchApp).. and also using requests/BeaultifulSoup python package. Inside GAS, it was not possible to fetch the website, but with Python requests/BeaultifulSoup I could find a workaround using a User-Agent inside Headers request.

Now I am using Scrapy, and locally runs fine, even without User-Agents, but running on Scrapy Cloud gives this timeout error. Actually, is very rare, but once or twice it works and ScrapingHub is able to scrap those sites. But 99% of the attempts, it gets timed out.

I already tried to:

1- Added User-Agent and all request headers "needed" by those websites. I even used this site to extract all Headers and Cookies used in cURL requests.

2- Added cookies using DevTool's Application Tab and using the website mentioned above.

3- Erased the links parameters after '?'


5- Disabled and enabled AUTOTHROTTLE

6- Enabled UserAgentMiddleware, even after tried to change USER_AGENT settings inside ScrapingHub interface.

7- Enabled and disabled ROBOTSTXT_OBEY

8- Tried to add 'cookiejar' inside request.meta

9- I cant even remember all 'solutions' I tried, Im stuck with this for a while.

I dont think im getting IP banned, because I requested A LOT these websites outside ScrapingHub. As I said before, between many many attempts, 3 or 4 times I got one of the links succesfully requested, but its VERY rare.

The websites are:, and

As I said before, they use the same mechanics: Akamai's services, as said in this post.

I still think its related to Headers and User-Agent issues, as also said in this post.

I really need some help here, any ideas are very helpful.

PS: Attached last Log file.


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