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Why scrapinghub xml export format is other than my XmlItemExporter that i have written scrapy project?

Hello all, I have written my own spider and XmlItemExporter to export xml in a format.

When i crawl spider in my PC, it works fine and give me the xml in the format i have written but when i export items in scrapinghub cloud i got wrong. The format which is default by scrapinghub cloud.





Please have a llok on my XML exported file and also on what i got from scrapinghub cloud export xml.


My Exported XML:


[![MY XML][2]][2]



and Scrapinghub Cloud Exported XML:


[![Scrapinghub Cloud Exported XML][3]][3]







How i can get my own XML format while downloading or exporting XML from scrapinghub cloud.

Thank You.

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