New Crawlera Usage Stats Dashboard

Today we are introducing a refreshed version of the Crawlera dashboard, with more functionality to help you analyze and understand better your Crawlera usage.

Our previous usage dashboard only allowed to see static periods of time (last 12 months, 15 days and 12 hours), where the new dashboard allows you to pick a custom time range and granularity (daily, weekly, monthly). In addition to this, the new dashboard supports:

  • Filtering usage graphs to specific Crawlera accounts & websites (as opposed to the top 5 websites in the old dashboard)

  • Access per account/website information older than 15 days

  • Compare usage side-by-side for different Crawlera accounts & websites

  • View concurrency and response times (aka. delays) over time

For more details on how to use this dashboard, please refer to our knowledge base article: How to use Crawlera Usage Stats

We look forward to your feedback and questions about this enhancement. Please let us know by posting a comment on this topic here. Thanks!

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Plan usage didn't show the daily limit whereas old usage status had the limit specifier. Remains all are good!

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