Introducing free trials, new plans and overages

One of the biggest pain points we’ve heard from our Crawlera customers last year is the inconvenience of having to jump from one Crawlera plan to another, when more requests are needed in a month. For this reason, we have been working on rethinking our Crawlera plans to better accommodate these cases and be more flexible with customers that have variable crawling requirements from month to month.

Today, we are introducing a new group of Crawlera plans that allow you to go over your monthly quota without the hassle of upgrading and downgrading plans. You stay on a single plan and pay for overages, only when you incur them. You will also be able to limit the amount of overages you can incur into, to protect against unexpected expenses.

We are also simplifying the number of plans to just three:

  • Basic, our starter plan, for companies and scraping professionals who need to scale reliably at low scale

  • Advanced, for companies with stronger scraping requirements and medium scale

  • Enterprise, for companies that rely on mission-critical, high scale web scraping needs and require personalized assistance

These new plans replace the old Crawlera “C plans” (C10, C50, C100, C200) which are no longer available to new customers. If you are already subscribed to an old plan, nothing changes for you at this time. We will notify you if there is a change that will impact your plan.

The new plans come with free trials, another popular request we’ve heard in our customer feedback. We believe customers have the right to experience the great performance and reliability of our Crawlera proxy network before committing to a paid plan, and this enables that.

Finally, users on the new plans come with a stronger configuration to achieve better performance and success rates for the most difficult websites.

We are eager to know what you think of these new plans, the free trials and the ability to do overages. Please let us know by posting a comment on this thread.

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Are these prices not significantly more expensive than the current options. For 100$ you now get 200k requests instead of 1 million on the “C plans”

Yes TheMediaTeam, there is an increase in the price per request. We deemed this necessary to serve our customers with the traffic quality and support level we believe they deserve. We have not completely ruled out introducing a "starter" plan later in the year, but at this moment we are focusing on this customer segment. Thanks for the feedback!

How can I use my free trial? I just sign up for free trial and did not see any help regarding the crawlera key or requests.

@shahmdkhan You need to select a Crawlera plan from your billing page in order to activate the trial.

We looked at scrapinghub a few months ago and were attracted by your pricing and service.  We tested your c10 plan with our app during development.    Now that we are ready to move our app in to production we need to create a new scrapinghub account, but i see the pricing is totally different to 2 months ago.    We will now be paying 4 times as much for almost exactly the same package.

Unfortunately you have priced us out of your system, in our startup, first version, application. 

Are you able to help us with the cost? 

@collect89 you should still be able to select a C10 on your previous account. Did you create an entire new account with a new email or just a new organization?

i had to create a new account.  

You had to? Did you forget your previous login credentials? There is a recover password form if that's the case.

And if you had to use a different email, then you can just log in with the older account and change the email in the account settings.

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Hello, I have a C10 plan and I'd like to allow overages and set a limit, etc... but I don't see where I can do that. Can you help me?

I am not as interested in the number of requests as in the number of concurrent requests.  You show pricing for increased requests for the basic and advanced plans.  Is there pricing for increased concurrent requests?  We are growing out of 50, but 200 seems excessive.


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 Hi, I am in the exact situtation as Jason Eight.

I am working on a product which I tested earlier with the old C10 plan. However, now that I need to reactivate my old subscription, I see that it is not available anymore.

Can old customers still get access to the old C10 plan?

Thank you!

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