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Splash does not load webpage that loads images with javascript

I'm trying to use Splash to load this page: so I can scrape the webcam images.  The page seems to load the images with javascript and I can't seem to get Splash to load them.  I'm running splash with privacy mode disabled.


$ sudo docker run -it -p 8050:8050 scrapinghub/splash --disable-private-mode


Also, I can see in the head of the response from Splash the following: 

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en" class="logged-out js cookies localstorage"><head>

 So Javascripts are enables and so is localstorage.  

Any thoughts on how to get these images to load as expected?

NOTE:  This is a duplicate post from here: . I posted this question in the wrong forum and cannot seem to delete, move or edit that original post.  It a moderator could delete it that would be helpful.

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