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I just need to understand something

Hi, how you doing?

I just came across your services and I think it would be perfect for me.
But I have a question.

I use a crawler called xsscrapy

I'm a white hat security researcher (still a student tho xD) but if I could use that crawler (it uses scrapy but with some changes) that would seriously increase my performance.

This thing is:

1- I don't know if I can use that crawler in your services
2- I don't fully understand what you offer

Do you offer like a server/vps for me to use as host for my siper/crawler or is it used in your cloud and I only get access to the results?

the way the crawler (xsscrapy) works is, you install the requesits, and just run a command in the command line and then the crawler goes to works and if there is any result it will create a text file with the results in it.
Can I use this crawler in your services?

Thank you for your help and best regards!

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