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Deploying Selenium using Custom Docker Image



I am stuck with deploying selenium template into scrapinghub cloud using Custom Docker Image.


Can you please help me? I am following with the blog I have done all the steps, I have downloaded Docker Desktop App into my Windows 10 machine and we have a paid scrapy cloud Account. I have copied the code and added into the Docker file. I created a repository named as demo.


When I deploy using the shub image upload --username stummjr --password NotSoEasy, replacing to my account credentials, I get the below error message into my terminal.


WARNING: Images section is deprecated, please replace it with global `image` setting or define `image` setting for the project.

  Check for additional details in


Detected error connecting to Docker daemon's host.


Please ensure that you have Docker installed, configured and running locally,

that's essential for running shub image command. To check that run command


    docker version


and check its output: it should contain Docker client and server versions and

should not contain any errors.


You can learn about Docker at

My Docker is also working fine. I ran Docker run hello world and its working fine though.


Please let me know if I have missed something, so that I can add that and make it to run.


Very Respectfully

Manoj Kumar

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