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Billing page ??

Hey, what just happened here? I just wanted to cancel the subscription for Splash since we are not using it in the end and the page has random floating buttons. Chrome.

Also did you suddenly update your pricing? The old one with instances seemed good and if now I have to write the spiders and still have to pay per requests, it doesn't seem too good.



(132 KB)

What happened there indeed, is your Chrome browser up to date? Are you running any browser extensions?

Could you try maybe clearing your cache?

Those are C-plans for Crawlera, we haven't changed pricing at all.

Looks better now. No cache clear was necessary, no plugins that could impact your DOM.

Not sure what happened but it looked very clearly like a bug on your site, things like that don't happen because of cache. Notice the footer inside of the component on the right side.


Roch out

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