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Can't deploy my github repo on scrapinghub


I got this issue:


I checked my github permission and it's all fine. For some reason scrapinghub isn't showin git branches to push and if I press Deploy Branch does nothing.


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Now I can see it. Thanks

I'm able to see 3 branches in your deploy section. Are you still not able to see it?


Now I can see it. Thanks

Please I also need guidance on this because am having the same issue now.


Please am also having this issue, how can I solve it?

Hello Olusola,

Please check if you have the required permissions to the Github account and Repo. 

I have already connected it with my GitHub, and I've accepted all the requirements.

Please if there is another solution to it, I don't mind

I have the  same issue. All requirements checked, all access rights approved in github, checked multiple times. Connected to repository but branch drowpdown menu is empty

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