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Need to capture 302 redirects from Splash


We are interested in explicitly tracking HTTP 3xx redirects during our web scraping.


An example URL that returns a 302 redirect in the browser is, which redirects to


But when scraping via a Scrapinghub Splash server, we can't yet access the 302 response; we only see the final 200 response. Log messages:


2019-09-17 17:14:27,044 - scrapy.core.engine - DEBUG - Crawled (200) <GET via> (referer: None)

2019-09-17 17:14:27,160 - scrapy.core.scraper - DEBUG - Scraped from <200>


We have tried changing a couple of arguments/settings, but to no effect:

- Adding {'dont_redirect': True, 'handle_httpstatus_list': [301, 302]} to the SplashRequest meta.

- Setting REDIRECT_ENABLED to False.


Is there a way, either through config or code, that we can gain access to redirects from Splash requests?



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Actually.... we just figured this out.... unless anyone has a better solution:


We were able to access the original request and 302 response within Splash HAR logs.


First, we used our Lua script to include splash:har() in our Splash response data.


Then we were then able to access the 302 response - including original URL, status code and location header - at:['har']['log']['entries'][0].


Posting in case anyone else has the same problem, or in case someone recommends a different solution.

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