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ERR_UNEXPECTED_PROXY_AUTH using crawlera with puppeteer

I know this is similar to

but I am using my API key.  I'm not sure if I am using it in the right section, I am just following some of the documentation I have seen for puppeteer.  Below are the relevant sections of my code.


browser = await puppeteer.launch({

     args: [/*'--disable-dev-shm-usage', */

              ``,'--ignore-certificaterrors                    '


ignoreHTTPSErrors: true



proxy_auth = "<MyAPIKey>:";

 await page.setExtraHTTPHeaders({


                 'Proxy-Authorization':      'Basic ' + Buffer.from ('<MYAPIKEY>:').toString('base64'),




Thanks in advance

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The is kinda messy, but seem right.

I'm attaching a working example using puppeteer@1.17.0

Hope this helps.

(1.38 KB)
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