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Scrolling in the Scrapinghub App

Is there a way to disable infinite scrolling in within the Items, Logs, and Requests pages in the app? It's annoying having to keep hitting the down-arrow in order to get to the latest log.

Would it be possible to have a paginated view also? Or something else that would make it easier navigate the data more quickly?

Hello Greg,

At this time there's no way to disable the infinite scrolling on any of these sections inside Scrapy Cloud.

Specific for for logs though, we do have something that might help you getting around faster:

When checking a given Job logs, you'll see a "Go to Line" input box, on the right hand side of the table heading:

You may use this to avoid scrolling down several times until you hit the desired spot.

That being said, I've went ahead and put up a Feature Request internal ticket for our Product Development Team.

Unfortunately I cannot provide any ETA, or even if this will eventually be selected for Development.

All feature requests are assessed accordingly to its impact on our user base, and this is a rather unusual one.

Regardless, we thank you for trying our forum and suggestions to improve our products. 

Thanks the "Go to line" feature will be helpful.

Sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath.

I don't think it's that strange that people want want to easily access the latest logs or be able to view the list of requests in a more structured way. What about Items? The page is taking a list of data and turning it into a social feed style infinite scroll. This doesn't make sense. The number of items is known, infinite scroll makes no sense. If you know how many items there are, you should be able to navigate by page or by item number or something.

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