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Read Only Permissions

Is it possible to grant users access to a project but provide read only permissions?

For our production scrapers we have a deployment pipeline that deploys the scrapers from source control and configures the schedule.

We'd like users to have access to view job history and view and download scraper output. We'd like to lock down deploy permissions so we can ensure that the deployed scrapers match what is in source control.

Replying back to this thread to keep it active since we're still looking for an answer. Maybe someone from Scrapinghub has an answer?

If I am understanding your questions correctly yes you can do this with the scrapy cloud api. C


Currently we have only provision to restrict the access to Billing Information. However any user having access to project can deploy code, run jobs and export data from the jobs. 

Platform team  has this as a feature request in their to-do list, however we do not have any ETA as when this will be picked up.

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