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Delete Crawlera Accounts

Hello, i have created various crawlera accounts for do test, but now i can´t delete it for clean it. How can i delete all this carlwera accounts?


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Accounts deleted.

Not currently possible from the UI, which accounts do you want to delete?

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Hi nestor, i want delete all the crawlers accounts that I have created in my scraping hub account


Accounts deleted.

Is not possible yet to do it from the UI???

Not currently possible from the UI

When do you expect give the option to delete the accounts?


We have an internal ticket for this feature request, but still no ETA on that. Do you need help in removing accounts?


Could I get my Crawlera accounts deleted please?

Many thanks

Hi Cardsbettor, how can i write you a private message? I don't want to show my account numbers for public view.


I have reached our for both of you using private tickets. Please keep an eye on your email accounts.


this would be a nice feature to have for housekeeping purposes 

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