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How to combine Xpath and Regex-- in the same String---for field items?

Is there a way to combine an xpath search string with an regular expression--in the same string? From the scrapy manual, I do know that you can chain xpath and re commands..In my case, a json object inside a javascript may/may not have the item I need..

At present, I'm loading the JSON object and then iterating over that....then iterating over the xpath string. This works but seems kludgy...with to for loops.
if i could include everything in company_item_fields...would be more elegant

company_items_fields = {

    'name': {

    # combining xpath with what i would like to do....


    # standard/working xpaths




selector = Selector(response)

loader = ItemLoader(CompanyItem(), response=response)

for field, xpath in self.company_item_fields.items():

    loader.add_xpath(field, xpath)

yield loader.load_item()

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