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Shub deploy error

Hi, am having a deploy issue, and having gone through the forums someone had a similar problem but it wasn't clear how it was solved. Here's my error:

Successfully built 16d0a7aee787

Entrypoint container is created successfully

>>> Checking python dependencies

Collecting pip==9.0.3

  Downloading (1.4MB)

Installing collected packages: pip

Successfully installed pip-9.0.3

No broken requirements found.

>>> Getting spiders list:

>>> Trying to get spiders from shub-image-info command

{"message": "shub-image-info exit code: 137", "details": null, "error": "image_info_error"}

{"status": "error", "message": "Internal error"}

Deploy log location: /var/folders/g5/vzv3mwtx19x333t9m8_c_rv00000gn/T/shub_deploy_OCYxDk.log

Error: Deploy failed: {"status": "error", "message": "Internal error"}

I've tried deploying several times in different days, but still facing the same error. Thanks.

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